Tony Fauci is the Oppenheimer of our day

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July 26, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

Today, golfer Jon Rahm tested positive for COVID at the Olympics and will not be able to represent Spain. This occurred even though he contracted the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID), the actual virus, in June at The Memorial Tournament and then got vaccinated after that (which can be dangerous).

I have been very skeptical of all of the recent hype about the “Delta variant”. However, I do believe that the vaccines designed more than a year ago are no longer as effective against the current virus strains. That should be of no surprise because it is how most of these respiratory virus vaccines work. We have to make a new influenza vaccine every year, for example. All viruses like this mutate.

The crucial questions to be answered are whether or not people with existing immunity (i.e., from natural infection and not the vaccine) get sick from these new mutations or have sufficient immunity against them (For example, with other coronaviruses that cause common cold, we might get a brief sneeze and sniffle, but then we get over the viruses quickly because we have existing cross-immunity). If we do not have good cross-immunity, and Tony Fauci’s military virus laboratories created a virus that can continually mutate while maintaining virulence, thereby continuing to be a pandemic forever, then he has unleashed something far worse than the nuclear bomb.

Nuclear weapons were the big new threat to humanity back in the 1940s. But in reality, they could only kill a certain portion of the population. Viruses are far more of a threat in my opinion. A deadly virus knows no borders and can kill more people than a nuclear bomb strike.

The large nations around the world have been creating weapons of mass destruction in military virology labs for a long time. Many viruses have escaped, as I detailed in my book Tony’s Virus. However, this current pandemic is the first global catastrophe created by a man-made virus that has tested the government responses in a public way.

With modern lab technology, almost any hostile nation can create some version of a virus like SARS-CoV-2 in their labs and unleash it in the future (especially if China or Russia helps them). They would get away with it too because it is very hard to pinpoint from where a virus is derived and then retaliate with military action. Therefore, the U.S. has a new paradigm of military strategy to think about.

80-year-old Anthony Fauci has maintained such power within Washington DC swamp because the military-industrial-complex knows all of this. Tony Virus has been the Oppenheimer of our day.

Update March 9, 2022- The news that the US funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine has everyone saying what I first wrote above.

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