Topic of illegal police car parking on North End and River terrace discussed

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NYPD unmarked cars on North EndMarch 4, 2015- The NYPD’s decision to long-term park unmarked cars all over northern BPC was discussed at the CB1 meeting last night. Michael Gubbins, the manager of The Solaire at 20 River Terrace and The Verdisian on North End Avenue spoke to the CB1 committee¬† to complain that the loading zones used by tenants moving in and out are now blocked.

Unfortunately, no residents of any of the buildings impacted bothered to show up. Therefore, one can argue that they get the quality of life that they deserve. In this case, a big parking lot for ugly American-made cars has just been dumped upon them to behold for many years to come.

CB1 member George Calderaro told us, “Regarding the parking, at the meeting I said that loading zones should be among the areas where the police cannot park, as well as bus stops, crosswalks, and fire hydrant zones. I think that deliveries, movers, building services, cabs and livery cars provide essential services to businesses and residents and by their nature will move in and out regularly, unlike personal vehicles, driven by one person and parked for hours throughout work shifts.”.



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