Traffic light for West Thames discussed at First Precinct meeting

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November 29, 2012  By Steven E. Greer, MD

BatteryPark.TV attended the monthly First Precinct Community Affairs meeting tonight. We asked whether the NYPD ever collaborates with the City DOT about dangerous intersections, such as West Thames Street. Inspector Winski replied enthusiastically that they do. Also present at the meeting was Anthony Notaro who leads the Battery Park City subcommittee of the Manhattan Community Board 1 (CB1). He confirmed that a representative of the DOT is scheduled to be present for the December meeting of the CB1, on Tuesday, December 4th.

Recall, BP.TV has previously reported on the dangerous intersections of West Thames and Battery Place, as well with South End Avenue. Over the decades, the DOT has “Studied the problem” and never acted. Now, the new P.S. 276 school and additional buildings, such as the Visionair, make the problem more urgent. In northern BPC, BP.TV initiated the process that rapidly resulted in traffic lights being installed at Murray and North End Avenue. With that precedent, there seems to be little excuse for West Thames to not receive traffic lights and physical barriers in the median.

Also discussed during the meeting, which BP.TV found humorous, was the problem of tour buses parking on Battery Place and other streets. A member of the First Precinct committee instructed an attendee of the meeting to take photos of the buses and forward them to the authorities. Of course, as viewers know, that was the successful tactic pioneered by BatteryPark.TV. (Like Rodney Dangerfield, BP.TV gets little respect or recognition for our accomplishments.)

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