Tribeca blog slams Brewer’s Seaport Task Force

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February 26, 2014- A local Tribecan with a blog of his daily experiences posted some harsh comments about the newly announced Seaport Task Force. He wrote, “The “Seaport Working Group” notion might be imposed on other new developments. Of note: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer “would like the group to consider alternative plans by bidders other than Howard Hughes, which could potentially complicate the developer’s plans. Under a lease with the city, which owns the properties, Howard Hughes has the first right to develop the properties.”

Then the list of who’s in the Working Group came out, and it’s hard not to feel some sympathy—or at least pity—for Howard Hughes Corp., because come on…. There’s just no way this will end up being useful. Plus: Every local politician and no New Amsterdam Market, which has done more to bring non-local New Yorkers to the area in recent years than anyone else?””

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