Tribeca blogger slams Hudson Eats

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Hudson Eats escalator 6-2-2014June 20, 2014- A Tribeca blogger is slamming Hudson Eats daily now, and he used to be their biggest supporter. Today, he posts an odd rambling of Dos Toros.  Before that, it was Tartinery, then the grilled cheese place, Little Muenster,  then Mighty Quinn’s, then there was a snark on Black Seed Bagels and Num Pang (Actually, BatteryPark.TV agrees with some of his criticism, but was going to wait a few months before we threw down a decision.)

The bigger problem with Brookfield Place, by far, is the botched construction that has made the community ugly for three years with no end in sight. The hideous scaffolding over P.J. Clarke’s, and huge green wall next to it, and inconvenient detours have greatly changed to entire culture of Battery Park City, yet few seem to care.

With the ousting of the U.S. CEO, the remaining Brookfield CEO has no excuses. The community should demand that construction be complete within 12-months. P.J. Clarke’s has already sued Brookfield for $40 Million.

PJ Clarkes under scaffold 6-12-2014Green Monster comes to BrookfieldBrookfield Vesey entrance 6-2-2014

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2 Responses to Tribeca blogger slams Hudson Eats

  1. SirPoochala says:

    Happy to hear that PJ Clarke’s has sued Brookfield over the construction. I’m afraid that I’ve lost my ability to continue to be patient for almost 13 years at always having to detour out of my way.

    I don’t believe there has ever been any consideration of the residents in any construction plan; whether at Brookfield, West Street, or the WTC site.

    I still can’t walk directly north and east along the highway to work and even on liberty street this morning the pedestrian control guards made me cross over south in order to go north. I really don’t understand why all of the changes at Brookfield are necessary, especially the facades.

    As for Hudson Eats, I finally checked it out last night and all of the prices looked very high, which was a disappointment. However, I’m thrilled to have the choices and I ended up with the pastrami burger and smashed fries at Umami and the quality was very good as was the staff. I chatted with the manager for awhile to convince him to try delivery to the residences…

  2. Caroline says:

    The most dangerous spot: Albany from BPC on left leaving BPC sidewalk ends and must walk in a chalk outlined lane on road

    However, cars coming from west street make a sharp right onto Albany entering BPC cannot see that there is now a chalk “sidewalk” as there is a cement blocker obstructing view

    I saw a family of 5 nearly struck head on by a car

    Thankfully it was not a black town car or a speeding taxi as that family would now be in heaven

    Seriously, I cannot believe the moron who allowed this nor the lackluster patrol guards have not reported this death trap!

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