Tribeca Film Festival returns to Tribeca and BPC, sort of

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niro rosenthal tribeca filmJanuary 14, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Over the last few years, the “Tribeca” Film Festival has been that in name only. After losing key sponsors, such as American Express, and after Robert De Niro selling most of his stake in the event, the headquarters were pushed up to Pier 57 Midtown. However, in a press release today, the organizers claim that the movies will be screened Downtown once again, in BPC’s Regal Cinemas theater. Brookfield Place and the BPCA will also make venues available.

BatteryPark.TV has pointed out in the past that the “Tribeca” Film Festival should be called the BPC Film Festival, since the main outdoor events took place on the esplanade by the marina, and the biggest sponsor was BPC’s American Express. Well, the organizers seem to have missed us, and they are returning.

The questions remains whether the community benefits from the inconvenience the festival causes. Can Average Joe’s really see the films? Are the films good enough to even want to be watched (few movies are sold to studios at the Tribeca Film Festival, unlike Sundance and Canne)?




***   Tribeca  Film  Festival  at  Spring  Studios  will  provide  a  destination  for  festivalgoers,  offering  a   home  for  industry,  filmmakers  and  press,  Tribeca  innovation  events,  the  Tribeca  Talks®  panel   series,  Awards  Night,  the  Tribeca  Artist  Awards  exhibition,  and  more

***   Regal  Cinemas  Battery  Park  Stadium  11  to  return  as  Festival  screening  venue        New  York,  NY  (January  14,  2015)

–  The  Tribeca  Film  Festival,  presented  by  AT&T,  announced  today  that   it  will  launch  a  downtown  creative  hub  during  its  14th  edition,  April  15–April  26,  2015,  which  will  provide  a   destination  for  festivalgoers  to  gather,  collaborate  and  share  stories  in  New  York  City.  A  residency  at  Spring   Studios—a  150,000  square  foot  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  creative,  production  &  event  center  located  at  50  Varick   Street—will  bring  filmmakers,  artists,  audiences,  partners  and  VIPs  together  in  one  place.  Collective  spaces   for  filmmakers,  industry,  press,  will  supplement  venues  for  the  majority  of  the  Festival’s  special  events   including  Tribeca  Talks,  innovation  events,  Awards  Night,  and  parties.

The  Festival  has  created  a  new   Resident  Pass  that  will  provide  access  to  the  creative  hub  for  the  duration  of  the  Festival  and  a  Resident  Day   Pass  that  will  provide  day-­‐to-­‐day  access.  Both  passes  go  on  sale  January  20th.      “Since  the  beginning,  we  envisioned  a  space  where  the  Festival  community  could  interact  and  explore  ideas,   and  where  we  could  celebrate  storytellers,  artists  and  their  work,”  said  Jane  Rosenthal,  co-­‐founder,  TFF.   “Our  residency  at  Spring  will  provide  the  perfect  environment  for  filmmakers,  industry,  press  and  Festival-­‐ goers.”

TFF  also  announced  its  return  to  Regal  Cinemas  Battery  Park  Stadium  11,  which will  present  press,  industry   and  public  screenings  on  all  11  screens.  These  new venues  anchor  the  Festival  downtown,  where  they  are   joined  by  longtime  Festival venues  including  BMCC’s  Tribeca  Performing  Arts  Center—home  to  many  of  the  Festival’s  gala  red  carpet  premieres,  Tribeca  Cinemas,  and  Brookfield  Place,  which hosts  the  annual  Tribeca   Drive-­‐In®  movies  on  the  Hudson  River.

Additional  venues  include  SVA  Theater  and  Bow  Tie  Cinemas’   renovated  Chelsea  Cinemas.      “Spring  is  excited  to  collaborate  with  the  Tribeca  Film  Festival.    Within  our  mission  to  be  the  home  of   groundbreaking  creative  ideas  in  New  York  and  the  vibrant  TriBeCa  neighborhood  in  particular,  TFF  is  a   natural  partner  in  our  efforts  to  connect  thought-­‐leaders,  artists  and  the  community  in  delivering  leading-­‐ edge  innovations,  ideas  and  experiences,”  said  Mark  Loy,  CEO  and  Founder  of  Spring  Studios.   “We  are   honored  to  be  the  new  hub  for  TFF  and  look  forward  to  a  future  filled  with  groundbreaking  cultural   experiences  that  this  partnership  inspires.”    Passes  and  tickets  for  the  2015  Festival:     The  new  Resident  Passes  will  go  on  sale  January  20,  2015  for  American  Express  Card  Members  and  January   27th  for  general  public.  The  passes  will  provide  access  to  events  at  the  Creative  Hub  at  Spring,  which  include   Tribeca  Talks  and  TFI  Interactive,  as  well  as  a  resource  center,  and  creative  workspace,  with  food  and   drinks.  Passes  will  also  provide  reduced  ticket  prices  for  select  special  events.  Resident  Passes  are  $400,   discounted  to  $300  if  purchased  before  April  15,  2015,  and  allow  pass  holders  to  invite  a  guest  each  day  of   the  Festival.  Individual  Resident  Day  Passes  are  $50,  discounted  to  $40  if  purchased  before  April  15,  2015.

Advance  selection  ticket  packages  and  passes  go  on  sale  Monday,  March  2  for American  Express  Card   Members,  and  on  Monday,  March  9  for  the  general  public. All  advance  selection  packages  and  passes  can  be

purchased  online  at,  or  by  telephone  at  (646)  502-­‐5296  or  toll  free   at  (866)  941-­‐FEST  (3378).

Tickets  for  the  Festival  will  be  $18.00  for  evening  and  weekend  screenings,  and  $10.00  for  weekday  matinee   screenings.

Single  ticket  sales  begin  Tuesday,  March  31  for  American  Express  Card  Members,  Sunday,  April  5  for   downtown  residents,  and  Monday,  April  6  for  the  general  public.  Single  tickets  can  be  purchased  online,  by   telephone,  or  at  one  of  the  Ticket  Outlets,  with  locations  at  Regal  Cinemas  Battery  Park  at  102  North  End  Avenue,  Bow  Tie  Cinemas  Chelsea  at  260  W.  23rd  Street,  and  the  Tribeca  Film  Festival  Creative  Hub  at   Spring  Studios  at  50  Varick  Street.

The  2015  Festival  will  offer  ticket  discounts  on  general  screenings  and   Tribeca  Talks:  After  the  Movie  and  Directors  Series  panels  for  students,  seniors  and  select  downtown   Manhattan  residents.  Discounted  tickets  are  available  at  Ticket  Outlet  locations  only.  Additional  information   and  further  details  on  the  Festival  can  be  found  at

EDITOR/PHOTO  NOTE:  You  can  download  an  image  of  the  creative  hub  and  a  2015  marquee  photo  here­‐center/festival/creativehub

About  the  Tribeca  Film  Festival   The  Tribeca  Film  Festival  helps  filmmakers  reach  the  broadest  possible  audience,  enabling  the  international   film  community  and  general  public  to  experience  the  power  of  cinema  and  promote  New  York  City  as  a   major  filmmaking  center.  It  is  well  known  for  being  a  diverse  international  film  festival  that  supports   emerging  and  established  directors.

Founded  by  Robert  De  Niro,  Jane  Rosenthal  and  Craig  Hatkoff  in  2001  following  the  attacks  on  the  World   Trade  Center,  to  spur  the  economic  and  cultural  revitalization  of  the  lower  Manhattan  district  through  an   annual  celebration  of  film,  music  and  culture,  the  Festival  brings  the  industry  and  community  together   around  storytelling.

The  Tribeca  Film  Festival  has  screened  more  than  1,600  films  from  more  than  80  countries  since  its  first   edition  in  2002.  Since  inception,  it  has  attracted  an  international  audience  of  more  than  4.9  million   attendees  and  has  generated  an  estimated  $900  million  in  economic  activity  for  New  York  City.      About  Spring  Studios   Spring  Studios  is  a  game-­‐changing  communications  agency,  combing  world-­‐class  experts  in  advertising,   design,  events,  digital,  production  and  experiential  marketing.    With  offices  in  London,  New  York  and  Milan,   Spring  delivers  innovative  communications  and  platforms  for  global  brands  in  the  fashion,  luxury  and   beauty  sectors.

Spring’s  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art,  150,000  square  foot  creative  hub  in  TriBeCa  houses  7  full-­‐service  photo  and  film   studios,  luxury  greenrooms,  adaptable  turn-­‐key  event  spaces,  a  65-­‐seat  cinema,  leading  edge  post   production  facilities,  as  well  as  a  gourmet  restaurant/bar  and  12,000  square  foot  roof  terrace.  Seminal   cultural  events  at  Spring  include  New  York  Fashion  Week,  Black  Eye  and  God’s  Love  We  Deliver.      Springs  clients  include:  Tom  Ford,  Calvin  Klein,  Target,  Versace  Versus,  DVF  and  Joseph  Altuzarra.

About  the  2015  Tribeca  Film  Festival  Sponsors     As  Presenting  Sponsor  of  the  Tribeca  Film  Festival,  AT&T  is  committed  to  supporting  the  Festival  and  the  art   of  filmmaking  through  access  and  innovation,  aiming  to  make  this  the  most  interactive  film  festival  in  the   country,  where  visitors  experience  the  Festival  in  ways  they  never  imagined.      The  Tribeca  Film  Festival  is  pleased  to  announce  its  Signature  Sponsors:  Accenture,  American  Express,   Bloomberg,  BOMBAY  SAPPHIRE  Gin,  Borough  of  Manhattan  Community  College  (BMCC),  Brookfield  Place,   ESPN,  IWC  Schaffhausen,  The  Lincoln  Motor  Company,  NCM  Media  Networks,  The  New  York  Times,   Santander,  United  Airlines,  and  VDKA  6100TM.  The  Festival  welcomes  new  Signature  Sponsor  NBC  4  New   York.

Contact:                             Tribeca  Enterprises/Tribeca  Film  Festival:             Tammie  Rosen  –  212-­‐941-­‐2003,        Rubenstein  Communications:        Anna  Janash  –  212-­‐843-­‐9253,   Tahra  Grant  –  212-­‐843-­‐9213,

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