Tribeca man questions why the Tribeca Film Festival still uses the name Tribeca

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April 24, 2014- BatteryPark.TV has previously reported how the Tribeca Film Festival essentially no longer exist. It was forced to move to Midtown after American Express dropped them as a sponsor, etc.

Today, a Tribeca blogger question why the “Tribeca” Film Festal uses that name when , in fact, it hosted it’s party in SOHO. He wrote, “Why did the Tribeca Film Festival hold its annual Chanel marketing event in Soho, instead of at the Odeon as in years past? “Sometimes you’re venue challenged,” festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal told the New York Times. “As long as you have the spirit and soul of Tribeca, then you can go anywhere.””

MSG bails out struggling Tribeca Film Festival

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