Tribeca, still lame after 9:00 PM one year later

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lindsay_lohan_drunkAugust 31, 2013- Ranger’s hockey star Sean Avery must agree with us, because he sold his stakes in Tiny’s and Warren 77.

July 16, 2013– Despite high hopes for some new openings, we sadly report that Tribeca is still Super Bad after 9:00 PM. We City Biked to Reade Street, quickly determining that Weather Up was a 6:1 D-bag to girl ratio, and the old Duane Park had left town completely, apparently fed up with the challenges of running a cool cabaret in a stodgy neighborhood. Then, we cruised by Forgione and some other dead places, until getting our hopes up at the newly opened Distilled, on Broadway and Franklin.

Distilled had the most promise of any place we stopped into of the night. The bartendress was perky and the decor was nice. Alas, it was all dudes.

We walked north on Broadway to the usual lame places of Another Room and Tribeca Tavern. The new Butterfly was devoid of any good scene.

Walking east on Franklin, we went into the redesigned Tribeca Grand Hotel. It is amazing how such a nice venue can consistently be managed so poorly, for decades. We spotted nothing but two prostitutes at the bar.

Walking back on North Moore, Smith & Mills was lacking coolness, and Locanda Verde was the usual sad portrayal of bored people paying $80 for $2 pasta. (We did not try out  Warren 77, Tiny’s and Super Linda, run by the same Smith & Mills team).

Ironically, on the way back, passing by some of the places in Battery Park by Goldman Sachs, those were the best options.

As long as the real estate interests dominate Tribeca, and controls the Community Board 1, limiting the opening of proper establishments, such as live high-quality bands,  TriBeCa will continue to be the Westchester of Downtown.

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