TriBeCa: Still super lame after 9:00 PM

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October 10, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Every year, I make the effort to scour the nightlife scene in Tribeca, in a vain attempt to find one. I am usually disappointed by the early-to-bed married suburban culture of TriBeca. Last night was no exception.

I went on a tour of TriBeCa bars last night, and they were all horrible. I started at the Brandy Library on North Moore Street. It was 95% dudes in business-casual and uninviting.

I then went to Macao on Church Street, which was also lame. Their cocktails are as pretentious as their bartenders. But that was not the main problem, to be fair to Macao. The TriBeCa scene is the problem.

Next door is a new bottle-service nightclub called Church Street Tavern. It had some promise and there was some talent in the room. The owners were nice. We will go back for a story. Stay tuned.

I then walked to SoHo to get some exercise. It was only 11:00 PM but all of the places by the SoHo Grand Hotel were closing down, on a Thursday night. Huh?

I then went to old faithful, Employees Only in Chelsea, and saw a Battery Park neighbor. He is personal friends with the owners and he confirmed my suspicion. When Igor the main bartender is not there, the place becomes a whole different place.

Inconsistency in these so-called nice cocktail bars is the problem. Dead Rabbit pissed me off for inconsistency. The first time I went, it was nice. I went back and it was just a Poulakakos Irish bar.

Pure restaurants know too well how hard it is to achieve consistency. These cocktail bars don’t have a clue about running a proper hospitality service company and it shows.

The best “bars” are always ones attached to a fine dining restaurant. You would think that I would have learned this by now.

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