TriBecans win, prevent city from moving criminal court to W. Broadway and Thomas

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Odeon and 71 ThomasUpdate December 12, 2013- The owners of Odeon prevailed in their lawsuit to prevent to criminal court from relocating next to their restaurant. The NY Times reports, “With neighborhood backing, the Odeon’s owner, Lynn Wagenknecht, sued, claiming that the city had not performed the proper environmental reviews before agreeing to sell 346 Broadway or planning the move to 71 Thomas. On Wednesday, a settlement was announced: The city would not move the court to 71 Thomas Street for at least five years if the plaintiffs dismissed their case. “Once it is moved to another location, it will likely stay there for some significant period of time,” wrote one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, Jennifer M. Keighley, in an email to Ms. Wagenknecht about the summons court. Thrilled, Ms. Wagenknecht sent an email to her supporters inviting them to the Odeon for a celebratory drink. She wrote, “We can declare success!” A lawyer for the city, Chris Reo, said in a statement, “We are completing plans to move it to another site.””

Update December 11, 2013- We are hearing from dubious sources, mind you, that the planned move of the criminal court (described below), will not happen as a result of the lawsuit (described below). We are awaiting a confirmation from the law firm handling the plaintiff suit.

November 16, 2013- With a billionaire mayor dead set on accomplishing goals before his term expires, it seems that lawsuits are the only effective action for the people. Despite numerous large protests, the city plans to move a criminal court next to the Odeon restaurant in Tribeca. DNAinfo is reporting that a group is suing the city to bock the move.

While most protestors complaining about one thing or another before the CB1 or truly just obstructionists trying to flex muscles, this gripe seems to be legitimate.

(Of note, BatteryPark.TV first suggested to the angry mob that they needed to sue the city)

Odeon night 12-26-2013

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