Tribecca blogger slams Tartinery in Hudson eats

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Tartinery frontJune 19, 2014- The mad blogger is at it again, this time he denigrates Tartinery in Hudson Eats. He writes, “Feeling the need to eat vegetables after a week of barbecue, grilled cheese, sloppy Joe, cupcakes (more on those in a later post), and so on, I ordered the artichoke salad and the asparagus-avocado tartine. I enjoyed the dishes very much even though neither had a ton of flavor. The avocado didn’t, the asparagus didn’t, the artichoke didn’t, and the arugula definitely didn’t. (Don’t get me started on how industrial agriculture has leeched the flavor out of arugula.) It was more food that most people would likely order, but I was so happy sitting at the counter watching the corporate world swirl by that I also got dessert: Steve’s Authentic Key lime pie. It was more of a tartlet, and it was so cold that it bordered on frozen. I left of half it on my plate, which is rare and remarkable for me, but the waiter didn’t say a word.

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