Trump must fire William Barr

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February 15, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

A slew of events by Attorney General William Barr’s DOJ took place this Friday. They have most people perplexed. What is going on?

On one hand, by intervening in the Stone sentencing and opening an investigation into how Flynn was prosecuted at all, Barr is clearly trying to undo the miscarries of justice perpetrated on Roger Stone and General Flynn. Then, inexplicably, Barr is also backing down and declining to prosecute former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, despite the inspector general report that clearly stated McCabe was guilty of lying to his own FBI. Recall, lying to the FBI is what got Stone and Flynn put behind bars.

When Barr took over the AG, he quickly ousted Rod Rosenstein and made the Mueller investigation go away. Populists frustrated with the degradation of the rule of law imagined Barr to be the next Jesus Christ, willing to die in the name of justice, willing to reform the Deep State swamp.

AG Barr then proceeded to open his own investigation, this time into the people who started the Mueller investigation, which was a coup d’état. Barr instructed a U.S. attorney in Connecticut, John Durham, to open a criminal investigation into the Obama stooges behind the FISA court abuses, etc. Every night, Fox News’ Hannity promises that big things are going to happen. Months and months pass by and nothing happens.

What is the actual motive of AG Barr? Is he willing to take on his own Deep State or is he a soft old man unwilling to be vilified by the press? Can he take the heat like Superman Trump or is he a more human character?

Let’s consider the options:

Option #1- Barr released McCabe from the threat of prosecution because he is not willing to retaliate, tit for tat, in response to the outrageous injustices done to Stone and Flynn. Two wrongs do not make a right, perhaps Barr thinks. Perhaps Barr feels he would lose the moral high ground to free Stone and Flynn if he prosecuted McCabe also for lying to the FBI.

Barr could also naively think that it is possible to appease the far-left with compromise. By going nice on McCabe, the cameras crews will leave his front lawn.

The DOJ can still prosecute McCabe and others later for more serious crimes of lying to the FISA court, etc. Perhaps Barr is planning a Machiavellian head-fake.

Option #2- The more likely option is that William Barr is simply a Deep State person himself and not willing to fall on the sword. The first sign of this was how he handled the Jeffrey Epstein murder. Rather than implicate the Deep State that orchestrated the plot, Barr tried to cover it up. He failed miserably. It is now a meme, or common prank, among  college kids to say, “Epstein did not kill himself.”

At this point, it really does not matter what Barr has planned. He has already wasted his political goodwill and lacks the support of President Trump. He has been rendered impotent. Conservatives are bailing on him. He is an out-of-shape 69-year-old man. There is little chance that Barr could survive a prosecution of senior Deep State swamp dwellers, such as John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, or even higher up in the former Obama administration.

President Trump needs to fire William Barr and hire a young gun willing to take on the Deep State in hopes of being president one day. Potential candidates would be easy to find. Also, older, more established candidates could be Jay Sekulow, Rand Paul, Sidney Powell, or any number of other populists with law degrees.

Update May 18, 2020- True to my points made above, Barr lacks the courage to prosecute any of these Deep State offenders. He is publicly letting Obama and Biden off the hook. I would be shocked if even Peter Strzok gets any punishment.

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