Trump started a civil war and he does not seem to realize it

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Update July 9, 2020- The Republicans and Trump administration still do not get it. We are in a war. All things are fair in love and war.

The communists on the other side get that. They are not pretending to play by the rules, but the morons on the right are.

The communists running the cities have done egregiously unlawful things, such as mandate whites to be the only group required to wear masks, allow Black Lives Matter murals to be painted on streets while trampling on the constitution’s First Amendment and charging people with “hate crimes” if they protest the communist graffiti. The left is trying to rig the elections with mail-in ballots, fascist censorship in social media, etc.

Yet the Republicans are sitting back and either doing nothing, appeasing the mob, or trying to play by the rules. As I stated two-years ago, below, we are literally in a domestic war against a Bolshevik uprising and Trump et al do not seem to get it.

Like Osama bin Laden who correctly saw America as vulnerable, the communists have called whitey’s bluff. Those gun toting masculine men are sitting home doing nothing. Those pretend Ronald-Reagen-governors in red states are cowering in fear to the false pandemic, shutting down schools and businesses. Our so-called conservative Supreme Court is too cowardly to act on anything important.

If Trump manages to win, despite all of these unlawful acts against him, then the weak Republicans in congress and state capitols need to be purged in 2021. By allowing these acts to go unpunished, they have moved lowered the bar to what is acceptable behavior. That cannot be reversed easily.

October 6, 2018- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Now that Brett Kavanaugh made it through to becoming a Supreme Court Justice, I wonder if the communist propagandists on TV will try to incessantly delegitimize the Supreme Court. For example, tonight, will Matt Damon be back on Saturday Night Live mocking Justice Kavanaugh after he is confirmed? Will there be more vocal efforts to “stack the Supreme Court” by nominating more than nine judges?

The communists want to destroy the institution of the Supreme Court because they want to destroy the constitution. They also want the electoral college to be abolished, etc.

Today’s radicals are literally using the same tactics as the American Bolshevik Revolution mob 100-years ago. Look for more violence from them, just as they saw in 1917-1918 when those feckless fascists were bombing government institutions and Wall Street.

The same fighting strategy used this week by the Republicans and the Department of Justice will have to be employed to prevent these radicals from harming this country more.

The mobs of “protestors” seen at the Capitol this week do not just happen spontaneously. They are paid and organized by the Democrats. They have to be stopped and examples made.

One senator is already calling for a criminal prosecution of Julie Swetnick, the woman who flagrantly lied about judge Kavanaugh participating in gang rapes. A theme from now until 2020 should be the prosecution of hoax #MeToo accusers, using only obvious cases like Swetnick (Michael Avenatti should also be disbarred).

The Republicans in the senate need to admonish Senator Feinstein and the House needs to expel Maxine Waters if it can be shown her office promotes violence, doxxed opponents, sent protestors to restaurants where they knew Trump officials would be, etc. Obama prosecuted Senator Menendez when he opposed the corrupt Iran deal. All of these politicians are criminals with pressure points.

The Obama stooges in the DOJ, now busted for trying to oust Trump, must be prosecuted. That will require the firing Jeff Sessions first.

Then, sane Americans must reform the universities. Government funding should be withheld from Yale and Harvard if they use racial quotas for admission, for example. If conservatives are not allowed to have an equal voice, federal funding should be withheld. Parents should withhold tuition.

The propagandists in the media need to be shut down. Fortunately, the television and print news are already failing on their own. But the FTC can also force the large corporate owners of media, such as Disney, to divest their news organizations. All of the news heads have #MeToo scandals to use as pressure points, such as Andy Lack at NBC. Conveniently, Fox News has already been divested from its parent company when Fox was sold to Disney.

The large fascist Silicon Valley companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon can also be addressed using a variety of laws on the book regarding antitrust, etc. Amazon is destroying small towns by forcing bricks and mortar shops out of business and the U.S. Treasury is enabling it with tax breaks. The U.S. Postal Service is giving Amazon discounts on shipping.

President Trump started a Civil War, literally, and he does not seem to realize it. When congressmen were gunned down on a DC ballfield, or when a mad man in a Las Vegas hotel massacred hundreds of conservatives at a Country Music festival using an arsenal of weapons, those were acts of war committed by radical communist Trump haters. Moreover, they were encouraged to act violently by the rhetoric coming from the Democrats.

It is time for the sane people of this nation to fight back using the strategies described above. We still have the power of the law behind us, for now.

Update August 3, 2019- Today, a white supremacist shot and killed dozens of people in El Paso, Texas. He reportedly had a manifesto about an Hispanic invasion. That influx of Central American caravans has been funded by far-left communists, such as George Soros, specifically to stir unrest, as we saw today. The liberal propaganda media is promoting it all with violent hate-spewing rhetoric.

As I wrote a year ago, below, this nation is amidst a new Civil War and no one is labeling it as such.

Republican congressmen were gunned down on a DC ballfield. A Trump hater in a Las Vegas hotel massacred hundreds of conservatives at a Country Music festival using an arsenal of weapons. A racist in Charlotsville ran over opposition protestors. In July, a radical Antifa member with bombs and guns was shot dead as he tried to blow up a ICE detention center. Antifa is beating up people. Non-whites in major cities know that their liberal mayors and DA’s will not arrest them and have engaged in open violence against whites. The Democrats do not denounce it. Last weekend, a racist young white male shot and killed four people at a California Garlic Festival. And then today, a mass shooting in Texas.

President Trump needs to take the lead by calling this a Civil War and demanding that congress act on the border. This will get out of hand fast.

All of this has been predicted in my essays, which can now be found in one place in my book Rules to Stop Radicals.


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  1. Dr B says:


  2. Juan says:

    Why isn’t anyone shouting from rooftops that BLM is a Marxist revolutionary Anti white racist Group led by terrorists Susan Rosenberg and a cop killer exiled to Cuba

    The GOP should have ads 24/7 because I believe a lot of kids do not understand.

    This isn’t about supporting Black Lives this is a Cuba/Venezuelan overthrown of American democracy free speech and capitalism.

    Biden is now mouthing Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sander talking points but it’s anti white anti Semitic AOC, Taiab, Ihan Omar pulling the shots funded by Marxist BLM snd George Soros.

    idiots like Romney And liberal white women from Greenwich and pliable 20 yr old social media girls Doing the lifting for a group that wants to destroy them and their children

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