Trust your instincts in work environments

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July 21, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

I worked at Fox for a while. Fox Business made me an offer, which I declined (foolishly). I was a contracted freelance writer for the WSJ as well. I think I still am, actually, technically.

However, from 2008 to about 2010, I started to despise every time that I was on the air at Fox Business. I disliked the studio experience and the stupid people who wanted to make TV for dummies. It was creepy. Jon Stewart said the same thing after going on as a guest of O’Reilly.

The head of Fox Business was my supporter. But other people, I learned later, hurt me.

I was not alone. A producer I worked with jumped over to another network and told me all sorts of stories.

By the way, the people at Fox Business who stabbed me in the back (Kevin Magee and his stooge “Director of News” Ray Hennessey) were fired, partly thanks to me.

Now, the man responsible for all of the fascist workplace problems at Fox, Roger Ailes, has been fired too. It was not because of the sexual harassment suits, I don’t think. It was because almost everyone at Fox hated him.

Roger Ailes was old and driving the stale network into the ground. Ratings were declining year after year. The worse they got, the more he sent his SS troops after people who fell out of line.

By the way, rumor has it that Ray Hennessey was also fired over sexual harassment allegations.

I joke that I have worked at most of the places in the news for big crimes, such as Merrill Lynch and SAC Capital. Well, to my credit, I have also gotten the hell out of those places years before they imploded. My instinct or personality did not allow me to go to work there. It was like an immune reaction to a foreign body.

Trust your instinct. If you work in media or finance, in New York, you are likely working for dirt bags.

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