Tucker Carlson just confirmed that the CIA orchestrated the assassination of JFK

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December 15, 2022-

Tucker Carlson, “Today we spoke to someone who had access to the still-hidden JFK files, and is deeply familiar with their contents. We asked this person directly: did the CIA have a hand in the murder of John F. Kennedy? Here’s the reply: “The answer is yes. I believe they were involved.”

His sources are likely John Ratcliffe and/or Richard Grenell. They both ran the DNI and are America First conservatives who oppose the Deep State.

Update March 3, 2023-

I watched an Amazon documentary on Lee Harvey Oswald called “Killing Oswald“.

Now, it all makes sense. We know from the recent developments, and Tucker Carlson’s show, that the CIA was behind the murder of John F Kennedy. However, I personally did not know why.

The CIA bungled the Bay of Pigs in 1961 in a failed attempt to oust Castro. The CIA was looking for another way to get rid of Castro with an elaborate scheme to kill JFK and pinning it on Castro to justify a full-scale invasion.

They used Oswald as a useful idiot (He had been a CIA operative or useful idiot ever since he was in the military. His defection to Russia was a big hoax.). The CIA created a new Oswald persona out of the blue in New Orleans. All of a sudden, he became a pro-Castro guy handing out leaflets. Everything he did was photographed and filmed. It was all by design.

His trip to Mexico City before the JFK assassination was part of a plan to have him go to Cuba and appear to be an assassin sent by Castro. However, that plot failed because the Mexican and Russian embassies would not give him a visa to travel to Cuba. The CIA had to go to Plan B.

It is unknown whether Oswald actually shot JFK or was used as patsy. After the JFK assassination in Dallas, Oswald was supposed to then meet another CIA operative where he would have been murdered and silenced. Like the Bay of Pigs and every other lame CIA plot, this too did not go as planned. So, they had to go to Plan C and murder Oswald by using the mafia’s useful idiot, Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein.

The whole point of using Oswald in the CIA plot to kill Kennedy was to make it look as if Castro sent an assassin to murder the President of the United States, which would allow for a full-scale invasion of Cuba. Killing JFK achieved multiple goals. It addressed communism in Cuba, and it also eliminated JFK, who was an opponent of the escalating Vietnam War (The CIA started it in the 1950’).

This is what the morons at the CIA do. They stoke endless wars. They almost got the world into a nuclear war with the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961, but they just would not give up. After JFK was out of the picture in 1963, the CIA was free to move on with their plan to create the Vietnam War debacle. Sound familiar? The CIA is now escalating the US/Russia proxy war in Ukraine.


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