Accomplishment: Biggest building in BPC gets a dedicated US Postal delivery person once again

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Update March 17, 2015- As a direct result of BPTV actions (see below), a dedicated mail delivery person has been assigned to the building, and mail delivery is now back to the usual speed.

Did our local officials lift a finger to help? Nope.

Update February 14, 2015- After I called, the regional postal inspector sent someone out and they confirmed that this batch of mail was abandoned. It sits there now, not placed into the boxes.

February 13, 2015-

Open Letter to USPS IG

David Williams

Inspector General, United States Postal Service

Dear Inspector General,

My apartment building in New York City, at 200 Rector Place, zip code 10280, used to have its own dedicated postal delivery lady because we are the largest building with thousands of residents. However, she recently retired, and now the local post office has dropped the ball failing to replace her.

Every day, it is a new person delivering the mail. They do not even arriving until 4:00 PM or later. They leave the mail unattended in open site of anyone in the lobby, not locked. Hours later, they put the mail in the boxes in the evening.

Also, the entire number of days that it takes to receive mail has been extended. I know this to be true based on my reliable Netflix patterns.

Please address this urgent problem.

Thank you.

Steven E. Greer, MD

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4 Responses to Accomplishment: Biggest building in BPC gets a dedicated US Postal delivery person once again

  1. LB says:

    YOU are a REAL “community organizer”… Not like that schmo OBAMA

  2. Editor says:


  3. LB says:

    No really. You bring so much to the community. Like a little mayor

  4. Editor says:

    Don’t call me “mayor”, it is insulting 🙂

    I prefer to be called “Little Preet”

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