Uber quality is way down as it expands too fast

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Town cars blocking taxis by Gateway 2August 18, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

For the second time in a row, I got an Uber driver who could barely speak English and had no knowledge of the city streets, it seemed. My driver arrived in a Lincoln Town Car, which means he was a livery cab driver who defected to Uber. The car was old and beaten up.

The previous trip I had with Uber was driven by a young lady who seemed to have never driven a car before in NYC, literally. She had her GPS system set up all wrong and it was giving her gibberish directions. I tried to help her but she became defensive.

We ended up driving south on Broadway toward the Battery when I needed to head north to Midtown.

What’s going on to cause this is that the geniuses at Uber are prioritizing a rapid takeover of the world, literally, in hopes of defeating the taxi resistance before it can strike back. Quality of the drivers they hire is not a priority.Uber is using the “whatever sticks to the wall” strategy and hiring anyone¬† with a TLC license. Every yellow cab defector is good for Uber.

This means that the same horrible yellow cab drivers or town car drivers are now Uber drivers.

By the way, good luck trying to tell Uber that your driver is bad. They do not list any contacts on their website or app. This is the email to use support@uber.com.

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