Under Mayor De Blasio, New Yorkers smoke pot in public with impunity

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October 18, 2015- We have previously reported how the local PEP flagrantly ignore the problem of people smoking pot in our parks. When one calls the PEP office with a complaint, they either fail to show up, or make a very lame investigation.

Now, the Post reports, “The city is getting higher by the day — and we’re not talking about Manhattan skyscrapers.

In the span of a few hours in broad daylight last week, The Post encountered six people smoking reefer on busy downtown sidewalks.

Mayor de Blasio decriminalized low-level marijuana possession last November — but many New Yorkers evidently mistook that for de-facto legalization.

You can still get cuffed for smoking a joint in public — as a female stoner ­was warned recently when Police Commissioner Bill Bratton saw her toking on Wall Street.

Mayor de Blasio introduced a new NYPD policy, effective Nov. 14 last year, mandating that a person possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana gets a ticket instead of being arrested — as long as they have ID and no outstanding warrants. But smoking weed is still a crime.”

Park rangers look the other way as pot smoking becomes rampant in the parks

Is pot smoke poisoning your building?

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