Update: Did Goldman Sachs have a favorable article placed in the NY Times?

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March 15, 2010

Perhaps related to our story last week about a freelance article in the NY Times that was conspicuously favorable to Goldman Sachs and the “10,000 Company” promise to lend $500 Million to small business, the NY Times issued this reminder today.


“Your freelance contract obliges you to comply with the applicable provisions of The Times’s policy on Ethical Journalism (https://www.nytco.com/pdf/NYT_Ethical_Journalism_0904.pdf ) and to take care to avoid conflicts or the appearance of a conflict. The provisions pertaining specifically to outside contributors are reproduced below, but you should review the entire document. Readers do not distinguish between freelancers and staff reporters in The Times, so as far as possible we expect outside contributors to adhere to the same standards as Times staff members.”

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