UPS parks in proper location

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April 3, 2013-  The UPS trucks that had been trying to use the “No Standing” zone in front of North End Grill to park for hours as packages were delivered are now parking in the proper locations. The issue had to be brought to the corporate suite level at UPS when the local offices ignored complaints.

The problem with the trucks parking on North End Avenue was that, in addition to blocking a turning lane and creating a dangerous pedestrian crossing hazard, the prime outdoor dining view for patrons of North End Grill was obstructed. Now, with the UPS trucks and town cars no longer eyesores, and the newly installed traffic lights, North End Grill has a growing reputation as having one of the best outdoor dining locations in Manhattan.


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UPS truck in November, parking illegally on North End Avenue

UPS truck in November, parking illegally on North End Avenue


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