US post office using Albany Street for storage

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USPOMay 20, 2013- Letter to Editor from R. Anderson

Last year, I had a months-long battle with the US Postal Service to stop using Albany St as a storage area for their orange bins. It took the intervention of the elected Federal Representative’s office and BPC to finally get the US Postal Service to comply.  The problem was finally cleared up late last summer.

However, the problem returned two weeks ago.  The orange bins collect trash in addition to acting as outdoor storage for USPS white bins.

In your greatly appreciated efforts to address the run-down problems in south Battery Park city, I thought you’d appreciate these pictures.  I have lost the email addresses of the BPC offices when my computer died.

Might you be willing to take up this issue to have both the BPC authorities and postal service to once again clean up our streets? As it stands now, the USPS is once again using our residential street for commercial storage.

Also I have noticed more newspaper bins which were not present in 2012.

Thanks, R Anderson

Reply from Editor: Yes. Coincidentally, we have brought this to the attention of the CB1 and BPCA, and have not heard back from anyone. It seems it will be up to us, once again. Please try to find your contacts that helped you last time.

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