Watch Alex Berenson get jealous of Robert Malone on live TV

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January 16, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times hack with no science degree. He rose to prominence as a vaccine critic only when Tucker Carlson decided to have him on as a guest frequently. I warned Carlson long ago that Berenson was screwing up the interpretation of the vaccine and drug studies. He was in over his head acting as a sophisticated Wall Street biotech analyst without the skills or training, in my opinion.

When Berenson started to self-publish a series of short pamphlets on the pandemic, I bought them to see if he was copying my books. I was shocked to see how lazily they were slapped together. My insults, I think, inspired him to write a more comprehensive book, which I have no plans of buying.

To Berenson’s credit, he was willing to take a stand against the vaccines. So, I lightened up on him. I even gave him some ideas for stories that he used.

But then came along Robert Malone, MD, who genuinely invented mRNA technology and has the patents and papers to prove it. Joe Rogan featured Malone and his appearance made waves, unlike Berenson’s appearance on Rogan.

Over the weekend, both Berenson and Malone were asked to share the stage on Fox News. I think that was too much for him and he snapped. He bushwhacked Malone, accusing him of exaggerating his role with mRNA and falsely claiming that ivermectin worked.

Malone later published a list of his papers and patents to rebut Berenson’s insulting accusations about mRNA. Regarding Berenson’s comments that ivermectin does not work, Berenson was pandering to the establishment, I think, in order to curry favor for his effort to dethrone Malone. Berenson has no evidence that ivermectin does not work. After the Fox interview, Malone published his own list of evidence supporting ivermectin (Of note, I have used ivermectin many times with rapid and dramatic success).

This is not the first time that Berenson has done something strange and incorrect on live TV. When Tucker Carlson first started to expose Tony Fauci as a fraud, Berenson disagreed and said it was wrong to vilify Tony Virus. Again, Berenson’s instinct was to side with the propagandists until they were undeniably proven wrong.

In summary, my initial impression of Berenson was correct. He is a weird man and unqualified to be the self-anointed voice of vaccine science. Also, without any doubt, I am the first one in the media to say pretty much everything important about this entire scamdemic.

Update January 21, 2022- Tucker Carlson had Dr. Malone on as a guest but not Alex Berenson

Update May 10, 2022- Alex Berenson does it again- He recently took a pot shot at Dr. Malone when they were both on a TV segment together. It was pure jealousy on Alex Berenson’s part. He was threatened by the fact that Dr. Malone had become the new credible voice when he had enjoyed it for so long. (The only reason he had been given credibility was because Tucker Carlson and his morons gave him a platform). Now, Alex is doing it again. Some good journalists obtained a huge pile of documents from Pfizer and Berenson is trying to say that it’s no big deal. By the way, his essay here is based on the premise that he’s some sort of scientific expert on the data. That could not be further from the truth. I started to criticize him a year ago when I realized he was totally incompetent at interpreting the data.

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