Watch CB1’s Tammy Meltzer blast Pier A just one year ago

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 Video from April 9, 2013

April 2, 2014- We previously reported how key opponent to Pier A and the noise that it might create made a “180” and granted them the right to dock party boats and also have a 4:00 AM liquor license. CB1’s Tammy Meltzer had been the most vocal critic of the party boats.

One year ago, the Poulakakos group presented before the CB1. Watch how Tammy Meltzer, back then, ranted for five minutes about the party boats being planned. Then, compare that to the capitulation last month.

If you are concerned about drunks at 4:00 AM walking the esplanade, coming from Pier A, when it opens, and wish to help us prevent this, please email us.

How much does it take to sway a CB1 member to do a 180?

Pier A to be “largest restaurant in NYC”

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BPCA intentionally allowed Pier A to flood, collects FEMA money

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  1. Michele says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!! How fascinating/appalling that Tammy took a 180 on this topic. She HAD been very concerned about safety, especially with all those buses, town cars and taxis right in front of an already dangerous traffic situation at 276.

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