We now have the government that our Founding Fathers expressly warned about

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founding fathers at constitutional conventionJuly 6, 2016- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Yesterday, FBI Director Comey wrapped up their long investigation into Hillary Clinton announcing that she was indeed grossly negligent and violated many laws regarding the handling of top-secret information on her private email servers. Yet, he then declined to recommend prosecution to his superiors at the DOJ.

Days before, his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, delegated the fate of Hillary Clinton to the FBI by announcing that she would accept whatever decision Director Comey recommended. She was forced to make that announcement when the news reported over the July 4th weekend on her inappropriate and ill-advised secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton on her private jet, which contaminated the investigation.

Those actors are the highest-level law enforcers in the United States of America. They report to the president, and the White House was undoubtedly pulling the strings behind the curtain, orchestrating this illegal series of events.

Why did the president do this, when it was his own Valerie Jarrett in The White House who was leaking the Hillary Clinton email scandal to the press for years? Some are speculating that his hands are too dirty from the Benghazi embassy debacle, and other embarrassments, to allow the details to come out during a prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Was Bill Clinton was telling Loretta Lynch on her plane that if Hillary goes down, so would President Obama?

With those series of historical events, this nation has come under the power of the very same corrupt government that our Founding Fathers and Mothers warned about when they drafted the U.S. Constitution in the 1780’s. The decision to allow Hillary Clinton to avoid prosecution established the fact that this country now has a ruling elite, which is above the law, and it was enabled by the Commander-in-Chief.

How is this different from how the ruling elite in Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia who run those countries? It is not supposed to be this way. Our Constitution is supposed the prevent this, but it is being ignored.

The First Amendment’s freedom of the press has been perverted and trampled upon by this Obama administration. He literally has the CIA embedded in major Hollywood studios and TV news broadcasts. He also has members of his top advisory cabinet embedded in the TV and print news (e.g. Ben Rhodes at The White House and his Brother David who runs CBS). Then, when opponents start to report too well on his mistakes, such as Sharyl Attkisson did while at CBS reporting on Benghazi, the White House had the CIA hack into her computers and David Rhodes fire her.

This behavior by the White House has a powerful trickle-down effect on other governments too. In New York, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio rarely have real press conferences. The BPCA does not allow Q&A, etc. They thumb their noses at the First Amendment.

Elsewhere in The Constitution, the Obama administration (and others in the past) is ignoring the rule of law.

Article Two of The Constitution and the Twelfth Amendment lay out the rules for the electorate college to choose a president. Both parties have ignored this and committed flagrant fraud throughout out the history of the country. But in this election, the rigging of the system to help Hillary by denying voting access to young people in Brooklyn who were pro-Bernie, etc, is pushing the envelope of unconstitutionality to new unprecedented heights.

Article One lays out the separation of powers between congress, the executive branch, and the courts. Obama has blurred these lines more than any other modern president. He makes major laws by executive order, such as his halt to the deportation of illegal immigrants, which the Supreme Court ruled was unconstitutional. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is increasingly becoming biased and controlled by the media and White House. Lower courts are grossly corrupt.

The Fourth Amendment is supposed to prevent the federal government and other lower governments from unreasonable search and seizures. Osama bin Laden tricked George W. Bush into revoking those constitutional protections after the 9/11 attacks with the creation of the Patriot Act. Then, Obama has allowed the NSA and other agencies to spy on all Americans. The Fourth Amendment could be the most ignored law in the land.

The Fifth through Eighth Amendments set the rules for criminal prosecutions. These are routinely ignored across the land. Grand juries are rigged kangaroo courts. Speedy trials rarely happen. Federal and local governments steal property from people without having the legal court orders, and prisons deliver cruel and unusual punishment in the form of death and rape.

Americans are angry and aware that we have a rigged system. It is why Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are so popular.

This presidential election in November could be the most important one since Abraham Lincoln. If the crooked establishment and ruling elite stay in power, it will be very hard to overcome in 2020.

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2 Responses to We now have the government that our Founding Fathers expressly warned about

  1. lizardboy says:

    Cmon now. The Clinton stuff so pales in comparison to the egregious and violative actions by the Bush/Cheney team that it makes Clinton’s actions look like a 4th grade prank. Let’s do maintain some perspective here. The GOP and media are exceptionally good at making people think the Clintons shenanigans are on the same level as their republican counterparts. They aren’t. Please stop being so easily manipulated.

  2. Editor says:

    Wake up

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