Weekend Warriors do not understand city bike laws

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December 6, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

At the recent CB1 meeting, member Jeff Mihok was griping that the newly opened West Side bike path now causes the World Trade Center and 9/11 memorial tourists to clog up the bike path, and that the pedestrians do not understand that it is even a bike path at all. However, it was he who was wrong.

The Weekend Warriors clad in Lance Armstrong Speedo biking gear who wiz down the bike path yelling “To your left”, or “This is a bike path”, do not understand that they are the ones who have to yield when a pedestrian walkway crosses the bike path, as it does at Liberty Street.

When this path first opened, we filmed two biker jerks yelling at the tourists (see video).

The bike path is meant for slow recreational biking, or for Citi Bikers to get to work. It is not a place for training at high speeds.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Your point is valid, but the bike lanes in the area could be better marked. The ones in Battery Park are especially vague and are often overrun with tourists to be point of being unusable by bikes. I think a few eye-level signs would go a long way towards clearing things up.

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