Well, the results are in from my plant-based diet experiment

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March 16, 2020- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Well, the results are in. I had my bloodwork performed for the first time since going to a plant-based meatless diet many months ago. I am as healthy as a 20-year-old elite athlete.

  • My total cholesterol is only 131. Studies from the Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, and China show that levels under 150 mean you will not get atherosclerosis. Period.
  • Fancy tests to look at other markers for heart disease and inflammation are in the lowest range. (see CRP, Homocysteine, Hemoglobin A1C). Inflammation from bad food is the biggest cause of cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • My hormones are all mid-range and fine.
  • My kidneys work great.
  • My bone marrow is pumping out cells normally.
  • As suspected, my Vitamin D was a bit low since I cut out dairy. My eyelid has been twitching, which is a symptom. I am taking supplements and have added cheese and ice cream back to my diet. However, I still use soy coffee creamer and avoid drinking milk.

More importantly, I feel great. I was walking 7-miles a day in New York recently and I was never winded. My waist size is way down to the smallest in decades, at 34-inches. I weigh 187-lbs. This weight seems to be my natural weight on this diet with my muscle composition. I stopped losing weight and am at a steady-state.

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