West Thames grass field neglected again

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West Thames grass field before and afterMay 4, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Once again, the geniuses who work in the parks department of the BPCA managed by Tessa Huxley are neglecting the West Thames grass field. They are not using the sprinklers, so the turf is being pounded into a dry dust bowl by the soccer cleats already.

A parks staffer explained that the irrigation system was malfunctioning and that they are working all over BPC to repair plumbing. However, this was the same excuse used last year and the year before.

All of this could be avoided, and a healthy grass field could survive just fine if the parks people know one iota about agronomy. Any grass field or golf course needs to be taken out of service one day a week. The parks people could also fence off overused portions.

And, of course, a grass field of any kind needs the basics of water and fertilizer. If you have noticed that all of the grass parks in BPC are mostly weeds and not lush grass, it is because the misguided BPC Parks Conservancy leader Tessa Huxley believes that fertilizer is unnatural. As a result, the root system of the turf is flimsy and cannot handle much use.

West Thames grass field 5-29-2015

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