What people are actually ordering in

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Southwest exterior dayNovember 11, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

The Holy Grail in marketing is to know exactly what people purchase, with associated demographics and locations. Then, marketers want to understand the consumer’s reaction to the product.

With restaurants, various online sites try to use blog comments and surveys to rank restaurants. However, those are subjective and the data are manipulated.

We decided to go straight to the source and analyze what people in Battery Park City South are actually ordering in. We sampled the data from one of the largest residential buildings in South BPC, which receives approximately 40 food deliveries a day. We gathered three days worth of data.

Categorized by genre:

43% of the deliveries were from Chinese restaurants

23% were pizza joints

11% were Mexican

23% were miscellaneous

Of the Chinese, the most popular is Liberty View, which is surprising given the poor quality. However, price seems to be more important when one is dining in and eating for fuel rather then pleasure. Wei West and KoKo are tied for second, followed by China Chalet.

Of the pizza joints, it was a three-way tie for most popular: Inatesso, Picasso, and Papa Johns. Benvenuti made one delivery.

Of the Mexican joints, SouthWest NY was the most popular, with a smattering of others all making only one delivery each.

Given the low opinion that most people in BPC have for most of the restaurants listed above, someone will make a fortune if they open a high-quality Chinese or Italian restaurant in South BPC. The BPCA is debating whether to renew the Gigino lease. That could be a start.

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5 Responses to What people are actually ordering in

  1. Ryan says:

    What is your favorite for Chinese delivery? We’ve been searching for a good option for years

  2. Editor says:

    To Ryan

    I am in the same boat and have not found one acceptable. The first place to spot this opportunity will be rich.

  3. BPCResident says:

    I have to disagree about Liberty View since I have found it to be consistently good over the many years I have gone there. But, to each his own. I do wish we had more options here in BPC.

  4. chconkl says:

    Why can’t we just have a restaurant that:

    1. Has good food
    2. At a reasonable price
    3. Isn’t some corporate dining place (like North End Grill)
    4. Isn’t overrun with kids (like Blue Smoke, many others)
    5. Has a good atmosphere

    I’m thinking of a place like Max in Tribeca. Cozy, moderately priced, decent food. some character.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    For Chinese: Red Egg and Shanghai Asian Manor are two restaurants in Chinatown that deliver to BPC South – great food and good prices. Wei West is very good but extremely expensive.

    What BPC delivery is missing is a good bagel place to order from.

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