Curmudgeons versus Downtown and entire gay community over Pier 26 concerts

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July 20, 2013- The Specials played at Pier 26 on July 17. In the video is the “noise” that some curmudgeons in Tribeca are complaining about. Note, there is nothing but huge commercial buildings directly by Pier 26, such as Citigroup and BMCC college, with one exception. The rent-controlled complex, Independence Plaza, faces Pier 26.

Pier 26 panorama

The Quality of Life committee of the CB1 met on July 18th, with a few residents of Independence Plaza showing up. Recall, the gay pride concerts featuring Cher and Lady Gaga, then concert series produce by The Bowery Presents, were  allowed to be planned without public comment.

Our survey indicates an approval rating for the concerts by Downtown residents in excess of 80%. Also, judging by the fact that the entire pier was a huge mosh pit compacted like sardines for the gay pride concerts, the Independence Plaza residents seem to be going up against the entire gay community and Downtown. Good luck.

Do you support Pier 26 concerts or oppose the noise?

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