Where did all the STEM students go in Stuyvesant?

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January 18, 2015- The Post reports that, “The top-rated Manhattan high school saw a staggering 82 percent drop this year in the number of semifinalists it will send to the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search.

This year, just two students were named semifinalists in the competition, a drop from 11 in 2014 — which was then the most nationwide.

“Wow, that’s the lowest we ever had!” was the stunned reaction among teachers, one said. “Eleven to two is a big difference.”

Previous Intel winners have gone on to win Nobel Prizes and the National Medal of Science.

For years, Stuyvesant has enjoyed an embarrassment of semifinals riches. Other schools may rejoice at sending just one student to the contest, but expectations are a lot higher at Stuyvesant— routinely ranked one of the country’s best public institutions.”

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