Where’s the beef?

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2013-04-30-Parts-of-the-cow-e1367250705124May 5, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

As the high rent in Manhattan increasingly makes running a restaurant impossible, the trend has been to justify the high prices with claims of “grass fed beef” that is “grown locally”. There is a reason that Pennsylvania is not the beef capital of the country. It is impossible to supply the demand for beef from local farms.

Since the cows are limited, for the restaurants who buy these “local” cows, they are now using snout-to-tail parts given that the prime cuts make up a small portion of the cow. The less tender or less tasty cuts of beef are packaged as sausage, for example, and sold for $40 entrees under fancy names.

People are getting wise to these tactics.

NPR reports that diners are tired of purchasing sausage and other pretentious dishes, even if it is hormone free and grass fed. The people are demanding, “Where’s the beef?”.

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