Which Brookfield Place clothing stores use quality manufacturing methods?

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Salvatore-Ferragamo-entranceMay 7, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

In my continuing effort to find clothing that is not made by 10-year-old girls in Mumbai, and that uses real materials, I will begin to inspect the labels of the new Brookfield Place clothing stores. Today, I visited Salvatore Ferragamo and Burberry.

Ferragamo passed my test with an “A”. They make all of their leather goods and suits in Italy, using fine materials. The prices were not absurdly expensive, with some shoes being as “cheap” as $500.

However, Burberry gets a “D” by me. Only one coat was made in Italy. The rest of the clothing was made in Thailand, China, Portugal, and god knows where else.

Why should you care? Clothes made in sweatshops are not only junk, but they employ child labor.

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes 2

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