Whither the swing of Tire Swing Park?

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Update: August 16, 2011

Over the weekend, the DOT replaced the infamous tire within the tire swing frame.

Update: June 28, 2011

One year after opening, the “Tire Swing Park” still has no tire swing

July 1, 2010


The new “Tire Swing Park” has ironically been without the iconic rubber swing since some children bumped their head on the first day of the park. The tire swing was replaced on July 1st for the ribbon cutting ceremony and is supposed to stay in place. Some warning signs have been posted for liability reasons.

To explore this ultra-local-news controversy, BatteryPark.TV interviewed a local resident concerned about the swing safety and Leticia Remauro of BPCA.


July 8 update:

Local journalist Matthew Fenton is reporting that the tire swing has been removed yet again after more children hit their head on the horizontal overhead support beam. According to Fenton, the topic was brought up during a CB1 meeting and member Anthony Notaro testified the personally witnessed two children bump their head on the first day the tire swing was replaced on July 1. The swing will remain down until design changes can be studied.

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