Whole Foods has been overcharging you

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Update July 2, 2015- In the wake of the bad press, the two CEO’s of Whole Foods are now admitting that they overcharged and apologize. This is a complete reversal of their original denials. Although, their version of events makes it seem like the practice was very rare, which contradicts what the city claims.

Whole-Foods-banana-standJune 24, 2015- The regular prices at Whole Foods are already ridiculous. If you bother to weigh the produce, then calculate the per-fruit cost, their oranges and apples are about $2 a piece. Now, we are learning that their scales are rigged.

The Post reports, “The city Department of Consumer Affairs (led by former CB1 Chair Julie Menin) is investigating Whole Foods for allegedly deceiving customers with incorrect weight-based pricing, the company disclosed Tuesday.

Whole Foods denied the allegations and said it would “refund any items found to have been incorrectly weighed or priced.”

Company spokesman Michael Sinatra said the upscale grocer would never resort to such sleazy tactics.

“Whole Foods Market has never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers,” Sinatra said in a statement.:

Editor’s note: Give Le District a try as an alternative to Whole Foods.

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  1. emc in bpc says:

    why are they picking on whole foods? What about Gristedes?

  2. joannhauptman says:

    Whole Foods is expensive but Le District is much much more in price & has fewer selections. I wonder in which Le District you went shopping.

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