Exclusive: Why did Brookfield and a Cuomo friend win the marina RFP? Follow the money.

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Cuomo Farkas wifeDecember 15, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Since Mike Fortenbaugh is being told to evacuate the marina in two weeks, and the BPCA dodged the controversial vote on the RFP applications, it is all seeming very likely that Brookfield or Andrew Farkas (or both) won the bid. If true, how did a land based real estate company with no experience in marinas pull this off?

Follow the money.

The New York Board of Election lists campaign donors to Governor Cuomo (The BPCA is controlled by the governor). Mr. Farkas, in addition to being a personal friend and former employer of Mr. Cuomo, donated at least $88,300 to Mr. Cuomo’s 2014 campaign. John Zuccotti, Co-Chair of Brookfield Properties Corporation, has given $85,000 to the Cuomo campaign since 2009. $50,000 of that was for the current election cycle alone.

Governor Cuomo is no stranger to such quid pro quo dealings. He allowed newly built apartment buildings by Central Park to receive the coveted 421-a tax exemptions days after the developers donated to his campaign in 2013.

There will be a rally today at 6:00 by the marina to support Mike Fortenbaugh’s operation.

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