Why is Pier 25 “Cash Only”?

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Cash Only sign on Pier 25 TownleyJune 21, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I had to go to Pier 25 to meet some people on a boat, and I noticed something. Bob Townley’s Manhattan Youth was getting free advertising, inappropriately, only because Mr. Townley also got the contract for the Pier.

Then, I spotted this. All of the games on Pier 25, such as the mini-golf, and the food concessions are “Cash Only”. Hmm.

Any company that does not have a simple iPad with a credit card adapter should be viewed with suspicion. Dealing in cash only is a common way to dodge the tax man.

This seems to be Mr. Townley’s MO. Up in the mountains, his private lodge gives discounts for cash-paying skiers. The Attorney General is investigating Mr. Townley.

Manhattan Youth sign on Pier 25

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