The Battery Park Conservancy construction seems stalled

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Battery Park fenceBatery Park construction

July 20, 2013– The 25 acre Battery Park Conservancy park (not to be confused with adjacent Battery Park City parks run by the BPCA), managed by Warrie Price, has been fenced up and “under construction” for at least a year, with little progress made. We asked around, and our sources had no explanation.

Do you know why? Please post comments?

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2 Responses to The Battery Park Conservancy construction seems stalled

  1. JFC says:

    Anyone who has ever witnessed Warrie Price’s presentations at community meetings knows she is a screwball.

  2. Ricky Hanak says:

    I have lived in the New York City area my whole life and get so fed up with how this city does things. Nothing is ever completed on time. We need somebody in office here that will get things done. No thanks to you Mayor Bloomberg.

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