Kids love real grass fields

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West Thames grass field open 4-22-2015Update April 22, 2015- The field opened up, finally, and the kids love it. Their parents should tell them to appreciate the real grass while they can, because it will soon be a filthy artificial turf field, full of dog excrement and road soot, not to mention dangerous lead metal.

West Thames grass field 2015 April 15April 16, 2015- BatteryPark.TV has previously pointed out the incompetence of the BPC Parks Conservancy on many levels, including agronomy. The staff fails to properly water and rest the field, allowing large areas to become trampled into dry dust patches, needlessly.

Making matters worse, the brown thumbs at the parks conservancy keep the field fenced in and closed off for half of the year, also needlessly. It is now Mid-April and the grass can easily handle traffic, even though it was re-seeded, but it is closed to the public.

One wonders whether all of this is intentional, and meant to drive demand for the artificial turf field that the BPCA wants to install. The justification would be, “See, we get more months of the year out of artificial turf.”.

If not intentional, then Tess Huxley and her bad greenskeepers are schizophrenic. On one hand, they take meticulous care of the field in the off-season, then they let it go to hell during the Summer and Fall.

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