Praise the Lord! Crinkle fries return to Shake Shack today!

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Shake Shack crinkle fires returnUpdate October 30, 2014- They are now being served.

Shake Shack crinkle fries signUpdate August 8, 2014- File this under “Told you so”. BatteryPark.TV was the first and only source to slam the new Shake Shack fries. Well, we were correct. They are bringing back the old crinkle cut fires. According to Eater, the Shake Shack CEO (not Danny Meyer) is taking the heat.

Eater blog reports, “After making the earth-shattering decision to start serving fresh-cut French fries instead of frozen fries last year, Shake Shack has just reversed gears. Almost exactly a year to the day since CEO Randy Garutti unleashed the new fries on the Upper East Side, with promises to eventually bring them to every single location, he admits that it was a mistake. “We didn’t fully appreciate the simple, tactile pleasure and the emotional attachment our fans have to the crispiness, the ridges and pure joy that these fries bring to guests of all ages,” he writes.

Also, hand-cut fries take more work, and it’s harder to keep them consistent. So, despite a year’s worth of revamping kitchens and retraining staff to the hand cut ways, Shake Shack will bring back the crinkle cuts by November. And when they return, they will be, for the first time, free of artificial ingredients. Of course, there are bound to be some who are disappointed by the move, but when the people speak, Danny Meyer listens.”

February 25, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Shake Shack new friesI have been unable to go to Shake Shack for months now, because the joint has one of the worst designed seating sections I can think of. In the winter, without the outdoor section, it is impossible to eat there. The last time I tried, I had to stand, holding my tray.

Anyway, I was able to eat at Shake Shack today at 3:45 PM, but even then the kids were taking up most of the spots (there needs to be an adults-only Shake Shack where Harry’s is now).

I ordered my usual double cheeseburger, and was informed that the new fresh cut fries had rolled out. Personally, and this is just my opinion that could be an outlier, I hated them. They are dark brown and overcooked.

I think they are trying too hard. They are doing fancy schmancy blanching first, then frying. The problem is that the strips are too thin for that much heat.

The ideal fries would be what they have now, except not dark brown and overcooked.

What’s the adage? If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

(Disclaimer: the staff at Shake Shack are awesome. Sorry guys for this article)

Double burger Shake ShackShake Shack Fresh Fries

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7 Responses to Praise the Lord! Crinkle fries return to Shake Shack today!

  1. Michael says:

    Disagree. They are much better than the frozen predecessors that were worse than a bag of Ora Ida.

    The fries are extra salty like the burgers, but I love a double fried fry.

    There is always Burger King or Bill’s.

  2. Editor says:

    You might be in the majority. Let’s see.

  3. also disagree with you… them dark and crispy and welcome this new change

  4. Allison Stadd says:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for reaching out on Twitter about our new fresh fries. We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed, but we hope you’ll give our fresh cut fries a chance. The crinkle cuts were delicious, but ultimately a frozen fry doesn’t fit in with how we do everything else here at Shake Shack. We pride ourselves in sourcing premium ingredients and we try not to take any shortcuts to serving the highest quality food.

    We’ve listened to a lot of feedback over the years, and we’ve heard our guests want the best fry possible. We’re still working on it, but we think this will be it. Learn more about how our fresh fries help us Stand For Something Good:

    Thanks for holding us to a higher standard. We’re definitely listening to all feedback and working hard to get our fresh fries right. We’d love to send you a voucher to try your next round of fries on us. If you’d like, please share your mailing address and we’ll send the voucher your way.

    Thanks again for reaching out,


    Allison Stadd
    Marketing & Communications Manager

  5. Karen says:

    I don’t go because I usually can’t get in the door by the double parked and double wide strollers and there is never anywhere for a single adult to sit.

  6. James says:

    So right. Fries sucked

  7. Craig says:

    I see you mentioned the return of Crinkle fries at Shake Shack but you have apparently missed the subtle addition of Jersey Shore Fries at Battery Place Market!

    There are certain things in life that bring together those from different economic, cultural, and demographic backgrounds.

    A big cup of awesome french fries is one of those things!

    That is what BPC is all about.

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