Why the announcement of a special counsel is good for President Trump

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May 18, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Without the usual leaks to the press giving them a heads up, President Trump’s DOJ announced by surprise that it had appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be the independent “special counsel” to investigate whether anyone in the Trump administration had illegal transactions with Russia or obstructed justice. This has been the goal of the StopTrump alliances, but they had better be careful what they wish for.

This independent investigation should be very positive for President Trump. First of all, it gives him a great excuse to not answer any questions on the topic. It will also force him to show some restraint and impulse control.

Eventually, a year or more from now, the results should also exonerate President Trump since there is no evidence that anyone has done anything inappropriate, much less illegal. Transition governments, as Trump’s was, are supposed to be meeting with foreign heads of state. That is the entire point of the delayed handing over of power. General Michael Flynn did nothing wrong speaking with the Russians, for example.

Regarding this alleged memo from FBI Director Comey that claims President Trump told him in private, “I hope you can let this (Flynn investigation) go”, that comment does not rise to the level of obstruction of justice. Moreover, if Comey thought it was so bad, why did not he report it before he was fired? The only crime there seems to be Comey leaking highly confidential federal documents, his memos, to the press.

A proper investigation into all of this mess will also likely dig up other crimes committed by Democrats, not President Trump. President Obama’s national security team of Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes clearly abused power and spied on the Trump campaign. Just because they made a lame attempt to cover their tracks by claiming the names were accidentally “unmasked” as they surveilled foreign threats does not mean that they will get away with the crime.

Regarding the Hillary Clinton email scandal, FBI Director Comey stated at a press conference everything any grand jury would require to proceed with production, yet he did not recommend prosecution. Therefore, Comey himself obstructed justice. Of course, his boss at the time, Attorney General Loretta Lynch also obstructed justice by meeting with Bill Clinton in a jet on a runway for 45-minutes as he petitioned her to not prosecute Hillary.

And there is a genuine murder to investigate. A senior employee of the Democratic National Committee, the organization that we now know was rigging the primaries in favor of Hillary, was mysteriously murdered in Washington, DC, shortly after he released the emails from John Podesta to Wikileaks.

All of those crimes are what the StopTrumpers should be worried about now.

In addition to the investigation backfiring on the establishment and liberals who have aligned to overthrow President Trump, the entire process should generate sympathy for Trump as the victim of a witch-hunt. Americans do not like it when a crooked congress tries to oust a president for partisan reasons. It was the downfall of the Republican congress after they tried to oust Bill Clinton in 1998, and why the Republicans did not dare try it with President Obama.

The other unintended consequence of this special investigation will be that it will embolden all of the big losers from 2016 to start to make public appearances once again. They will quickly remind people why they voted for Trump.

Losers like John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton will all revive delusional dreams of running for president in 2020. Unpopular failing actors and comedians, such as Michael Moore, Sarah Silverman, Lena Dunham, and Katy Perry will all feel like they have won a battle and start to appear on propaganda outlets, such as the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

President Trump is literally fighting a Civil War now, being battled by computers and media rather than guns. Because Trump has already repealed ObamaCare in the House, appointed a conservative judge to the Supreme Court, and increased deportations of illegal violent immigrants, the far-left is beside itself. Joining in on the StopTrump efforts are the members of the establishment, such as all of congress and the corporations (e.g. Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg) who see Trump as a threat.

Basically, Donald Trump does not have a single friend in the swamp called Washington. But he does have the strong support of more than half of the states and their Electoral College votes. If played right, Trump can turn this whole special investigation into a vindicating win.


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