Why Trump supporters should recruit Antifa to be on their side

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Update January 29, 2021: Related to what I stated previously, an issue has developed that shows how the far-left and far-right are very much aligned. The establishment one-percenter hedge funds are getting killed by the small-guys teaming up to short squeeze them in GameStop, AMC, etc. When the Big Tech creation for “free” trading called RobinHood basically owned by Citadel hedge fund, decided to shut down the ability of just the small guy traders to buy the stocks yesterday, they violated the law, and we saw a rare bipartisan agreement between Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Alexander Ocasio-Cortez.

The Republican party cannot be saved. The Democrat party has been irredeemable for 150-years or more, ever since the Civil War when the South was a Democrat-party led rebellion to protect slavery. It is time for a true populist party that taps into the angst by the young people with no future, the far-left, and the older working class Americans, the far-right. All of them are being screwed by the American Oligarchy of Communists (AOC).

January 6, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

As I predicted, today was one that will go down in infamy, as FDR said about the December 7th, 1941 Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. Today was the day that the joint session of congress began the process of making the electoral college votes official despite half of the country thinking the presidential election was rigged and stolen from President Trump. But before congress could finish the process, angry mobs stormed past the Capitol police and also entered through smashed windows. The most memorable images were of young people sitting in the chairs that one normally sees occupied by the Vice President and Speaker of the House.

Of course, the entire charade was orchestrated by Antifa. It was obvious upon first sight that the people breaking into the capitol were too young to be Trump supporters. They also wore army helmets and ski masks, like Antifa. Then, photos from previous Antifa riots began to match the people inside the Capitol today.  FBI confirmed that busloads of Antifa had infiltrated the million or so Trump supporters peacefully gathering on the Ellipse and elsewhere. Trump has conducted nearly 100 large rallies to a million or so supporters and they have been peaceful, even when Antifa hecklers disrupted proceedings.

I will admit that, when I realized the leaders of the capitol invasion were Antifa, I was angry at the punks. I was glad that they were being arrested and shot. I had hatred on my mind.

However, I then realized that these Antifa people were genuinely angry at congress just as much as Trump supporters were. They wanted Bernie Sanders, not Establishment Joe Biden. The election was stolen from them too.

As with most revolutions before, the far ends of the spectrum often share much in common. In this case, hardworking Trump supporters have lost their jobs or businesses due to the corrupt establishment billionaires who orchestrated a scamdemic crisis as an excuse to rig the election. The angry youth staffing the Antifa riots too are unemployed. All of those shuttered restaurants and service industry business were their places of employment.

The best way for America to deal with this critical threat to democracy posed by the stolen election would be to unite the Antifa on the left with the angry patriots on the right. It would be very easy for leaders, such as Trump, to make the globalist corporations and billionaires the bad guys. After all, student debt and poor jobs are what drive the millennials turning to Antifa.

We have entered the “hot” stage of the Second Civil War. The time for relying on the legal process is behind us. From the Supreme Court to state courts, from the FBI to local police, the justice system has been corrupted by the big money from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and billionaires. During war, strange alliances are made.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, goes the ancient proverb from the Fourth Century B.C. It still holds true now.


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