Will Chef Floyd Cardoz finally succeed this time in SoHo?

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2791 Broadway SoHo Floyd Cardoz spotFebruary 3, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

In most areas of business, people get just one, maybe two, shots on goal. If they fail, they are out of the industry. Not so in the culinary world. Chefs with name recognition keep getting chance after chance. Somehow, the bankers go along with it.

Chef Floyd Cardoz is one of those chefs. Having been unable to maintain openings at Tabla, North End Grill, and White Street, he is apparently getting another shot in SoHo to run a pure Indian cuisine place at Spring and Sullivan.

Most people who know him have suggested this to him years ago. His menus that have tried to be American with a spicy twist caused his demise at North End Grill and White Street. However, Danny Meyer’s Tabla was just the victim of the Great Depression. People had good things to say about the food.

So, will we finally get a good Indian joint in SoHo? Stay tuned.

Chef Floyd on roof

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