Review: Sadelle’s is a good place for a Tindr date

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Sadelles Tindr dateThe Tindr blind date I sat next too and had to endure

January 28, 2016- by Steven E Greer

I finally tried out Sadelle’s in SoHo on West Broadway. It is the new Jewish deli by the Major Food Group (i.e. the Parm people). The first time I tried, they had closed down the place right after the early reviews hit Eater, pissing off many people.

I was nearby to get some overpriced eyeglasses made, and decided to give Sadelle’s another try. It was 2:00 PM and I was surprised to see that the menu was pretty much a breakfast menu, with French Toast, pancakes, bagels, etc.

I ordered the blueberry pancakes first, because one can tell a lot about the skill of the kitchen by sampling simple grill items. They did not screw it up, other than forgetting to bring the butter.

sadelles blueberry pancakesThen came the salmon bagel. The fillings come out on a tower. It was a good presentation, but the bagels were disappointing.

A good bagel should have a shiny crispy thin outer crust with a chewy moist inside. Sadelle’s lacked the chewiness I had hoped for. Also, the poppy seeds did not adhere well.

Sadelles bagel towerSadelles salmon bagelThey bake their own bagels, but that does not guarantee greatness. American Flatbread was proud of their pizza ovens, and they went out of business.

The “Scottish salmon” bagel was tasteless. It was just a raw piece of fish. The cream cheese was unnoticeable.

The interior design is nice. The Julian Schnabel artwork is similar to the style at Carbone and Santina. And like Santina in the Meatpacking District, lots of blind dates are seen at Sadelle’s. I sat inches away from a Tindr blind date. It was painful to hear. The girl left the guy and he had to ask for her number.

Sadelles artIn summary, Sadelle’s is not horrible, like the new Parm has been so far. It has a nice ambiance and it is good for a Tindr or Grindr data. However, it is not a real “restaurant”, per se. Rather, it is an overpriced bagel shop with an identity crisis.

Sadelles bagel rack Sadelles salmon Sadelles counter

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