Will Chipotle open the flood gates for better food in South BPC?

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Chipotle sign and Curtis 4-14-2015March 30, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Chain restaurants choose new locations based on flaw formulas that have prevented them from opening in South BPC. One criteria they use is whether the population within a geographic circle is large enough. Since BPC is on the edge of an ocean, the formulas have concluded that there were not enough people to justify a store. Banks also use this reasoning for financing decisions.

Well, anyone who lives in BPC knows that there is huge demand for food that is fit for human consumption. Several of the mom and pop stores are so bad that the health department has shut them down many times.

With Goldman Sachs setting the trend on Vesey Street, and now Brookfield Place opening, the Chipotle chain has decided to open on South End (which BP.TV first reported on years ago). Will the inevitable success of Chipotle lead to other restaurants opening in the Gateway commercial strip?

Stay tuned.

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