WSJ explains why Governor’s Island is getting elevated

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Governors Island elevated parkAugust 20, 2014- The WSJ reported on Governor’s Island and explained its history and why portions of it are being elevated now. “The southern half of the island was created a century ago with landfill largely from excavations for the Lexington Avenue subway. Because that land was “flat as a pancake” and almost at sea level, it has now been elevated with added landfill to make it more resilient to rising sea levels, wind and erosion, said Adriaan Geuze, a founding member of Dutch urban design firm West 8.

A new 30-acre park designed by West 8 on the southern portion of the island kicked off its first full season this year. Construction is scheduled to be completed next year on another 10 acres of parkland also designed by West 8; that area, known as the Hills, will feature four man-made hills with views of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor.

An additional 33 acres have been reserved for future development, such as a convention center or a hotel, but as yet, specific projects for the space haven’t materialized.”

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