You have probably been to one of the Farkas IGY marinas

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cabo.san.lucas.marinasJanuary 24, 2015- I was not interested in the actual marina aspect of MarinaGate. My main interest was in the violation of protocol by the unaccountable one-percenters appointed to run the BPCA. So, I never looked into Andrew Farkas’ IGY marina properties.

Wow. He owns marinas in all of the best properties in the western Hemisphere, and god knows where else. I have been to many of them, including Montauk in Long Island, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean.

montauk.marinasThe little crappy ole North Cove Marina is in for some serious upgrades. Also, the Seaport project trying to be constructed by Howard Hughes is supposed to be a Farkas property too.

It is more evident why Governor Cuomo is such buddies with Mr. Farkas. It’s hard to say what is wagging what? Is Governor Cuomo the dog or the tail in that relationship?

Cuomo Farkas wife

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