You have to import ice cream in NYC to get the good stuff

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Jenis ice cream in bowlDecember 17, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Over the summer, I tried my best to find good ice cream in New York City and pretty much struck out. Imported from Ohio, Jeni’s was the best.

Therefore, I feel vindicated that another online sight agrees. Gothamist has a story posted, “New Yorkers sure love their transplant ice cream“, where they list Jeni’s ice cream, and then a new-found one from California. McConnell’s is their new feature.

I was speaking the other day to a commercial real estate person and he said, “There is no good ice cream in New York. We need a good gelato.”. One of these days, the group-thinking pretentious thought leaders in the New York food scene will realize that gelato is not ice cream, and that the best stuff to try to copy is from the Midwest.

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