Amada construction begins and is “6-months away”

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Amada 11-17-2015Update November 17, 2015- Nice progress is being made. However, there still seems to be major ceiling work and plumbing work being done. That is under the control of Brookfield Place, which has been the frustrating source of delays for all of the companies that have opened shop.

Amada inside 6-10-2015

Update September 4, 2015- The steel support for the internal walls is going in, so this means that the restaurant construction has now begun.

Update June 20, 2015- I spoke with two senior construction mangers on the Amada site. They estimated that the entire construction will now take about six months. So, this opening is a 2016 event.

June 10, 2015- As BatteryPark.TV has previously reported, these photos taken today confirm that Brookfield has not allowed Amada to begin construction. Sources close to the restaurant have blamed Brookfield construction staff for the delays.

Brookfield is holding up multiple retail and restaurant projects

Amada doors outside 6-10-2015

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