Building manager of 2 River Terrace replaced

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Update February 1, 2014- The repairs to 2 River Terrace are completed, but more importantly, we have learned that the building supervisor, Arthur Aquilato, has “resigned”.

2 River Terrace lobby under constructionUpdate August 22, 2013- The repairs have begun (full story below). 

2 River TerraceJuly 2, 2013- By Steven E. Greer

If you have ever dined at The North End Grill and wondered why the apartment building across the street has nothing but plain white walls seen through the showcase windows, the reason is that the second floor pool sprung a leak, back in February of 2012, flooding the lobby. It is not an avant-garde minimalist design, but rather temporary wall coverings and floors.

The interior design was originally made by the prestigious Rockwell Group, and the floors were made of special imported wood, and so forth. As a result, after the flood, there was an insurance dispute. Sources tell us that the insurance company wanted to use less costly materials than originally were designed as the replacements. The apartment owners disputed the cheaper plans, and a stalemate ensued.

The building manager at the time of the pool flood was accused of having financial conflicts of interest with the company that worked on the pool before the accident. That manager was replaced when a new building management company took over the struggling address during the real estate doldrums of the financial collapse. The new manager is Arthur Aquilato. The new building management company is Douglas Elliman, and the address is thriving, with A-list celebrities among the residents.

Sources tell us that the insurance disputes have been worked out, and that repairs will being soon, perhaps within a month. That was fast. It only took Arthur and his crew a year and a half. Stay tuned.

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