Tribeca’s fruit shanty shack is back

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Tribeca fruit truck 2-1-2014Tribeca fruit truck b 2-1-2014February 1, 2014- Our previous story about the Tribeca fruit shanty shack being evicted was premature. They are back, along with their 24/7 parked hideous graffiti-riden truck.

Fruit shack on ChambersJanuary 15, 2014- The same company that ran the fruit shanty shacks on North End and South End Avenues in BPC, which had their vending licenses revoked for dozens of violations, have now been evicted from their perch in Tribeca, as well. Their once-sprawling outpost on Greenwich and Chambers has been absent for two weeks. Prior to that, their series of three carts, sprawling 40-feet, had been forced to be reduced to just one cart.

The Chambers Street corner fruit shanty was so permanent that it was part of the Google Maps Street View photo, above.

Fruit Shack in full blown shantyPolice removing fruit cart

Fruit stand in same location where man was run over by city bus recently
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